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The supply of bitumen, as a type of strategic raw material in the construction industry, is very important for customers. In the bitumen supply process, the main goal is to supply and provide quality bitumen according to the needs of customers.

Committed to Meeting International Standards

 We understand the significance of bitumen as a vital component in various infrastructure projects, and our commitment to quality is unwavering.

ATDM CO LLC Your Trusted Source for Superior Quality Bitumen Supplies

Manufacturer of petroleum and petrochemical products in uae,iran and turkey


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When it comes to establishing partnerships in the bitumen and petrochemical industry, ATDM stands out as a leading choice. Collaborating with ATDM is a strategic decision backed by numerous compelling reasons. ATDM's commitment to exceptional quality and its track record of innovation make it a preferred partner in the industry. With a focus on delivering excellence, ATDM consistently exceeds expectations and offers unique advantages for collaboration.


Reliability and Consistency

Meeting deadlines, delivering as promised, and maintaining a steadfast commitment to fulfilling obligations are engrained in the company’s ethos.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Collaborating with ATDM means aligning with a partner that values environmental responsibility and strives for sustainable practices.

Safe your time

Provide our customer best quality product with professional team in short time. Besides notify them for each step of sales operation from beginning to end.

Why Choose to Collaborate with ATDM?

When it comes to establishing partnerships in the bitumen and petrochemical industry, ATDM is a prominent leader. Choosing to collaborate with ATDM is a strategic decision supported by numerous compelling factors. ATDM unwavering dedication to quality and its innovative capabilities are just a few of the many reasons why it is the preferred choice for collaboration. With a strong commitment to excellence and a proven track record of innovation, ATDM offers distinct advantages as a collaborative partner.


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