Bitumen 85/100

Description of Bitumen 85/100

Bitumen Penetration Grade 85/100 is a commonly used paving grade bitumen that meets the standard specifications for road construction and the production of superior asphalt pavements. It is specifically designed for applications requiring high-quality paving bitumen.

This grade of bitumen is manufactured through the fractional/vacuum distillation process of crude oil. It is derived from vacuum residue (short residue) feedstock, ensuring its petroleum grade quality.

Penetration grade bitumens are characterized and classified based on their penetration and softening point test results. The designation of Bitumen Penetration Grade 85/100 is based on its penetration range only, indicating its consistency and suitability for various applications.

One of the notable properties of penetration grade bitumens is their thermoplastic nature. They exhibit a unique temperature/viscosity relationship, which means they soften at high temperatures and harden at lower temperatures. This property is crucial in determining the performance parameters of bitumen, such as adhesion, rheology, durability, and application temperatures.

Bitumen Penetration Grade 85/100 is specifically formulated for use in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt used for bases and wearing courses in road construction and repair projects. It meets the technical specifications required for these applications, ensuring reliable performance and longevity of the asphalt pavements.

To summarize, Bitumen Penetration Grade 85/100 is a paving grade bitumen suitable for road construction and repair. It is manufactured from petroleum-grade sources and possesses the necessary properties to produce high-quality asphalt pavements for bases and wearing courses.

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Properties of Bitumen 85/100

Bitumen Penetration Grade 85/100

The supplied penetration grade bitumen is a high-quality petroleum product manufactured from vacuum bottoms through a hot air blowing process. It is derived from the residual crude oil obtained after the cracking and removal of hydrocarbons.

Penetration grade bitumen 85/100 has a penetration value ranging between 85 and 100 decimillimeters, as measured by the penetration test. Additionally, it has a softening point that falls within the range of 41 to 49 degrees Celsius.

This particular grade of bitumen, 85/100, exhibits thermoplastic properties similar to synthetic resin materials. It softens upon heating and hardens when cooled. This characteristic allows it to adapt to temperature fluctuations, making it suitable for various climatic conditions.

Furthermore, bitumen 85/100 possesses a high viscosity compared to other grades. Its strong viscosity contributes to its excellent adhesive properties and ensures optimal performance in road construction and other applications.

Overall, the supplied penetration grade bitumen, specifically bitumen 85/100, is a pure petroleum product manufactured through a hot air blowing process. It has specific penetration and softening point values, thermoplastic properties, and a strong viscosity that make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Bitumen uses of Bitumen 85/100

Bitumen Penetration Grade 85/100 is widely used in road construction, particularly in cold regions, due to its suitability for asphalt pavements with superior properties. This type of bitumen is primarily utilized in the manufacturing of hot mix asphalt for bases, wearing courses, as well as in spraying and chip applications.

The production of Bitumen Penetration Grade 85/100 involves the oxidation of vacuum bottoms in bitumen production units. This process ensures the quality and performance of the product.

One of the significant advantages of Bitumen 85/100 is its relatively low air blowing and penetration characteristics. This makes it particularly suitable for areas with cold weather conditions, as it remains resistant to cracking at low temperatures. It provides excellent durability and insulation properties in such environments.

Overall, Bitumen Penetration Grade 85/100 is a preferred choice for road construction in cold regions. Its specific characteristics, including low air blowing and penetration, enable it to withstand the challenges posed by cold weather conditions, making it ideal for asphalting and insulation purposes.

ATDM CO is a reputable manufacturer and exporter of Bitumen 60 70 and Bitumen 80/100. We specialize in offering high-quality bitumen products in various packaging options, including drums, bags, and bulk quantities. Our product line consists of three distinct quality grades: premium, second, and third types. Each grade is produced with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing advanced facilities and processes.

Our diverse range of options is designed to cater to the specific needs and volume requirements of our customers. Whether you require a smaller quantity for a specific project or a larger bulk order, we have the flexibility to accommodate your demands.

At ATDM CO, we prioritize product quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our bitumen 60/70 is manufactured to meet international standards, ensuring optimal performance and durability in various applications. Currently, we have supplies in three countries of the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Panama and Singapore are available. We take pride in delivering exceptional products that meet the diverse needs of our valued customers, both domestically and internationally.

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Three distinct quality grades for Bitumen 60/70

ATDM CO LLC is a manufacturer and exporter of penetration bitumen 60 70, offering three different quality grades available in drums, bags, and bulk quantities. Our products are classified into premium, second, and third types, each with varying production costs and facilities. We provide a wide range of options to accommodate different customer needs and volume requirements.

Bitumen 60/70 premium grade and highest quality

Bitumen grade 60/70 is a premium grade of high-quality bitumen. It is manufactured through a continuous closed system that involves heating and compressing hot air on Vacuum bottom. This production method ensures that the bitumen meets the ASTM standard and undergoes a Thermal and Fractions of Crude Oil Test (TFOT).

Second grade of bitumen 60/70

The second quality grade of Bitumen 60 70 is derived from vacuum bottom, but the production process is not continuous. Instead, it is produced in batches, where each batch yields a specific weight. After production, the batch is discharged, and the next batch begins. However, it is important to note that this grade does not meet the TFOT (Thin Film Oven Test) requirements, which is a crucial test for determining asphalt aging properties.

Bitumen 60/70 third grade

The third grade of Bitumen 60/70 is created by blending two or three different grades of bitumen, such as soft, medium, or hard grades. The resulting bitumen has a high wax content, which contributes to its properties. Additionally, this grade exhibits higher viscosity compared to the first two grades.

Bitumen 60/70 bulk delivery

Bitumen 60/70 is available in bulk packaging, which offers two options for transportation. One method involves using a dual-layer truck tanker, which allows the bitumen to remain in a liquid state during transit for up to seven days. Upon arrival at the destination, the bitumen can be easily discharged without requiring additional heating.

In the event that the bitumen gets cold during transportation, the buyer can utilize a special channel located at the backside of the tanker. By injecting fire into the pipeline between the tank and the heating system, the bitumen can be heated. The tanker is equipped with an exhaust system at the front, ensuring that the heat circulates throughout the entire tank. This delivery method is particularly suitable for customers in close proximity. However, for destinations that are far away, it may not be cost-effective.

Bulk shipment FOB and CNF

We have the capability to deliver Bitumen 60/70 in bulk quantities using our own vessel. Alternatively, if the customer provides their own vessel, we can fill it up for them. The minimum order quantity for bulk delivery is 1000 tons, while the maximum quantity can reach up to 36000 tons.

This method of bulk delivery is cost-effective for buyers who have or can arrange for storage tanks at the destination. However, it’s worth noting that certain destinations may not have storage tanks with a capacity equal to that of the vessel. In such cases, they often rely on arranging hundreds of truck tankers as an alternative storage solution.

Certainly! When it comes to delivering Bitumen 60/70 in bulk quantities, there are a few additional details to consider:

  1. Vessel Delivery: vessel specifically designed for transporting bitumen. This allows us to efficiently and safely transport large quantities of Bitumen 60/70 to various destinations. Vessel is equipped with the necessary facilities to ensure the integrity and quality of the bitumen during transit.
  2. Customer-Owned Vessel: If the customer has their own vessel available, we can arrange to fill it with Bitumen 60/70. This option provides flexibility for customers who prefer to use their own transportation infrastructure or have specific logistical requirements.
  3. Minimum and Maximum Order Quantities: The minimum order quantity for bulk delivery is set at 1000 tons of Bitumen 60/70. This ensures that we can efficiently handle and transport the product. On the other hand, the maximum order quantity is 36000 tons, allowing for larger-scale deliveries to meet the requirements of various projects or customers.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Bulk delivery of Bitumen 60/70 tends to be more cost-effective for buyers who have storage tanks available at the destination. By storing the bitumen in bulk, the need for individual truck tankers is eliminated, resulting in potential cost savings. However, it’s important to note that some destinations may not have storage tanks with sufficient capacity to accommodate the entire vessel load. In such cases, alternative storage arrangements, such as multiple truck tankers, may be necessary.

Overall, bulk vessel delivery offers a reliable and efficient means of transporting large quantities of Bitumen 60/70. It provides flexibility for customers and allows for cost-effective delivery options, particularly when adequate storage facilities are available at the destination.

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How to Buy High-Quality Bitumen 60/70?

To assess the quality of bitumen, several checks are performed. Once the penetration value is confirmed, a simple test can help determine its overall quality. Here are the key factors to consider:

  1. Odor: The presence of a strong smell suggests a higher sulfur content. Some suppliers may add sulfur to increase the weight of the bitumen. Therefore, a lesser smell indicates lower sulfur content, which is generally preferred.
  2. Viscosity: It is important to ensure that the viscosity of the bitumen falls within the specified range. Deviations in viscosity can occur if vacuum resin is used instead of vacuum bottom during the production process. This substitution can impact the quality of the bitumen.
  3. Spot Test: A negative result is desired during the spot test. Some factories may directly heat the bitumen, which can lead to burning and affect the quality. A negative spot test indicates that the bitumen has been properly processed and does not contain any impurities.
  4. Softening Point and Penetration: Bitumen 60/70 is characterized by a specific softening point and penetration value. The softening point typically ranges between 48 to 52°C, while the penetration value falls between 60 to 70. These values indicate that Bitumen 60/70 is highly viscous compared to other bitumen grades.

By considering these factors and conducting the necessary tests, one can assess the quality of Bitumen 60/70 and ensure it meets the desired standards and specifications.

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Specification and Data Sheet of Penetration Bitumen 60/70

  • Specific Gravity @ 25/25 °C: 1.01/1.06
  • Penetration @ 25 °C: 70/60
  • Softening Point: 48/52 °C
  • Ductility @ 25 °C: 100 min
  • Loss on Heating (wt) %: 0.2 Max
  • Drop in Penetration After Heating: 20 Max
  • Flash Point: 250 min °C
  • Solubility in CS2 (wt) %: 99.5 Max

Spot Test: NegativeThe