Bitumen Manufacturers in Iran

Bitumen Manufacturers in Iran

Bitumen refineries

 Iran is home to several reputable bitumen refineries, including Pasargad and Jey. Pasargad operates seven refineries throughout Iran, and Jey is located in Isfahan. The refineries are surrounded by drumming factories and service companies, often with full order books and even utilizing external packaging sources.

In addition to Pasargad and Jey, private factories produce bitumen using VB (Vacuum bottom) from refineries. Although the quality depends on the factory's equipment, all pass basic standards.

ATDM Company owns a refinery in Bandar Abbas, Iran, named Petro Gold, which produces various types of bitumen, including bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100, VG 30 and 40. Petro Gold offers high-quality packing in steel drums, jumbo bags, and bulk vessels, setting it apart from public refineries.

Iranian bitumen is preferred for several reasons:

- Superior quality, meeting and exceeding ASTM tests and standards.

- Exceptional durability, featuring high molecular binding properties for sticking to aggregate and building materials.

- Customizable specs, tailored for road construction, roofing, or waterproofing.

- Cost-effective, with competitive pricing and low global rates.

- Proven track record, with long-standing production and widespread use in international projects.

- Advanced technology, developed by Iranian companies or imported from Germany and Austria.

- Accessibility, available in various locations, such as Dubai, UAE, Qingdao, China, Mundra and Kandla, India, and Mombasa, Djibouti, and Dar esalam.

Iran and Iraqi bitumen have some differences

- Iranian bitumen's viscosity range is standard, while Iraqi bitumen has high viscosity, making it difficult to apply.

- Iranian bitumen has low sulphur content, while Iraqi bitumen has high sulphur, causing a strong odor.

- Spot tests for Iranian bitumen are negative, while for Iraqi bitumen, they are often positive, indicating conversion to coke and molecular changes.

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