How is mineral bitumen processed?

mineral bitumen processed

Bitumen is one of the most useful materials that can be used in various industries. This black substance with a large number of hydrocarbons and various minerals such as sulfur dissolves in substances such as carbon sulfide and carbon tetrachloride, while it is solid at room temperature. High adhesion property and water impermeability are the most important properties of bitumens that have made them have various uses. There are different types of bitumens and each of them can have different capabilities, features and applications. In the following article, we will discuss how to process mineral bitumen.

Mineral bitumen; A pure hydrocarbon

Mineral bitumen or natural bitumen is actually a type of pure hydrocarbons that can melt at a temperature of 160 to 220. This type of bitumen has different gases that can be separated at temperatures above 350 degrees, and finally at 800 degrees, only the ash in the bitumen will remain, which includes materials such as silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, calcium carbonate, etc. Mineral bitumen has other names such as gilsonite, bitumen and asphaltene, and it is very similar to coal.

Bitumen processing

Mineral bitumen is obtained in the form of gradual transformation in nature, and in fact, oil resources penetrate into the surface layers of the earth through cracks in the earth over time and lose their light vapors, and finally the remaining materials are called mineral or natural bitumen. They will remain smelling of sulfur. Mineral bitumens are obtained through mineral extraction or from natural bitumen lakes, and compared to petroleum bitumens, they are more durable and long-lasting.

The amount of ash combined with these bitumens is considered their main characteristic, based on which the bitumen quality increases or decreases. The lower the amount of ash added to bitumen, the higher its quality will be, and that is why bitumens with an ash content of less than 5% are the best types of bitumen.

Bitumen processing plan is such that after extracting bitumen, bitumen lumps are crushed by stone crushers and then granulated using special sanders to obtain grains with desired dimensions. The most important equipment for mineral bitumen processing includes magnet, conveyor, Gilsonite feather grizzly, spiral and elevator, each of which has a separate job and task.

Products obtained from the processing of mineral bitumen

After bitumen is extracted from different mines and granulated by different equipment and turned into Gilsonite powder or lumps, different products can be obtained from it. In general, the processing of natural and mineral bitumen is done in many refineries and finally various products are obtained from it.

Bitumen processing can have a special effect on the daily price of bitumen because it is a special process and can have various complications. Different types of mineral bitumen based on the processing done are as follows:

  • Bitumen with low penetration degree

This bitumen, which is obtained from the processing of mineral bitumen, is among the refinery products and can have different viscosities. The degree of penetration of this bitumen can vary from 15 to 450 for use in road construction and asphalt industry, although the most widely used range is between 25 and 200.

  • Oxidized bitumen

Natural bitumen can be further refined by introducing processed air, known as oxidized bitumen. This type of bitumen can have various uses in roofing, covering pipes and various industries. This method can also make a less permeable compound that is used for paving roads.

  • Diluted bitumen

One of the processed mineral bitumen products is diluted bitumen, which is created by injecting volatile oil into it. Oil injection reduces the viscosity of bitumen, and therefore it is suitable for use in insulating walls, etc., and causes fewer problems and challenges.

  • Bitumen modified with polymer

Bitumens modified with polymers are other mineral bitumen processing products that are obtained by adding 2 to 8% of polymer to them. These bitumens will also have changes in terms of resistance and rheological properties. The polymer used to produce these bitumens can be plastic, and for this reason, the use of polymer-modified bitumens in the insulation of wires, pipes, etc. is very common.

Applications of mineral bitumen

Mineral bitumens are usually available as gilsonite powder or lumps and have many uses in different industries. Also, mineral bitumen processing can increase its applications. Among the most important applications of these bitumens, the following can be mentioned:

  • Production of anti-corrosion coatings
  • Application in casting industry, road construction and asphalt production
  • Used in steel, iron smelting, automotive, construction, paint and resin industries, medicine, chemical products, etc.
  • Use in the production of isogam
  • Application in drilling industry as drilling mud as well as printing and ink industry

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