The Application of Bitumen in Construction

The Application of Bitumen in Construction

The Application of Bitumen in Construction

Bitumen, a semi-solid form of petroleum obtained from the fractional distillation of crude petroleum, has adhesive properties and is often combined with lighter hydrocarbons such as kerosene and spirit. Its primary use is in road construction, where it serves as an excellent binder for materials, ensuring durability, recyclability, and usability for roads. With its waterproofing properties, low cost, and dark or black color, bitumen is a popular choice for building flexible pavements. Although tar is sometimes confused with bitumen, tar is derived from destructive distillation of coal or wood, and the two materials differ in their solubility, with bitumen dissolving in carbon disulphide and tar soluble in benzene or nitrobenzene. The potential for bitumen improvement is vast, with the ability to adapt its properties and make it more environmentally friendly. This article explores bitumen's properties, applications, and potential for future development.

Properties of Bitumen

  1. Melting Point: Bitumen has a melting point between 300 to 800 degrees Celsius, as determined by a ring and ball apparatus in the lab. This feature ensures that the bitumen remains at a safe temperature, preventing excessive heat for vehicles passing over it. Although the temperature range can vary in certain countries, road aggregates and materials beneath the bitumen pavement help regulate the temperature, enabling bitumen to withstand higher temperatures.
  2. Recyclability: Bitumen is easily recyclable, as it does not decompose during the recycling process. To recycle bitumen, it can be separated from aggregates by applying high heating temperatures, followed by a laboratory treatment for further processing. The resulting old asphalt can be mixed with new bitumen, producing a stronger layer on the road.
  3. Composition and Safety: Bitumen is primarily composed of hydrocarbons and is non-toxic, making it a safe material for road use. Its raw material, crude oil, originates from decayed organic matter, making it a safer option compared to other road materials.
  4. Colour Variation: Bitumen is not limited to black; it can also be produced in various colours. By adding specific pigments during the formation process, coloured bitumen can be developed, although this method requires chemical additives, which can be expensive. These coloured forms of bitumen serve specialized purposes beyond road applications.

Bitumen Types and Classifications

Bitumen exhibits various properties, leading to several types, each with distinct characteristics:

  1. Viscosity Graded Bitumen: This type of bitumen is categorized based on absolute viscosity at 60ºC or kinematic viscosity at 135ºC. Viscosity-graded bitumen is used as paving-grade bitumen for constructing asphalt pavements.
  2. Performance Graded Bitumen: Temperature is the primary factor governing the properties of this bitumen type, allowing customers to select or customize it for specific applications. Performance-graded bitumen is used to fully characterize the asphalt binder for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavement.
  3. Penetration Graded Bitumen: Classified according to the needle's depth of penetration under specific test conditions, penetration-graded bitumen indicates the stiffness of the bitumen. Higher penetration implies a stiffer bitumen, with bitumen 60/70 representing 60 to 70 mm of penetration under standard test conditions.
  4. Oxidized Graded Bitumen: The properties of bitumen change when exposed to air, increasing temperature. Oxidized bitumen ranges from slight air-rectification, or semi-blowing, with minimal impact on properties, to whole blowing, where properties are significantly altered. Naming and grading depend on a combination of the bitumen's softening temperature and penetration value, as determined by the ring and ball softening point test.
  5. Polymer Modified Bitumen: This type of bitumen involves mixing polymers to alter the visco-elastic properties, creating a more suitable binder with varying stress levels. Common polymers include styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), styrene-butadiene-rubber (SBR), ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA), and polyethylene. While costlier than pure bitumen, polymer-modified bitumen offers economic advantages for road repairs, reducing overall costs.

Bitumen has served a crucial role in construction, particularly in road-making, for an extended period. Naturally occurring, bitumen often requires chemical additives under controlled conditions to optimize its properties for road applications. Ongoing research aims to develop environmentally friendly bitumen, reducing carbon emissions and harmful substances.

In addition, advancements are being made to improve bitumen properties, resulting in increased durability in asphalt roads, with reduced tearing and higher resistance to various stresses. Concrete blocks might compete in the market, yet bitumen remains a popular choice in many countries due to its versatile property adaptability.

Innovative materials, such as nanotubes, graphene, and ceramics, are being incorporated in certain areas, demonstrating remarkable improvements. New testing methods are also being developed to explore the potential of bitumen in-depth, ensuring more effective and efficient construction solutions.

As the industry evolves, bitumen is expected to address the challenges requiring expert attention, providing long-lasting and eco-friendly solutions.

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